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Hallmark Cavity Slider CavZero Track

Minimal gap between track and door for ultra-clean look

Slide-out housing for quick & easy adjustment (screws are hidden by the paintable end cap)



Exclusive to Hallmark, this world-class slider system provides two key benefits; the ability to remove the door without removing trims or architraves which eliminates any chance of paint damage, and a minimal space between the top of the door and head track, resulting in beautiful clean lines, particularly in a full height application.

CavZero can be added to any Hallmark cavity slider unit in any size. Your Hallmark door leaf will arrive with the required routs in the top of the door to accommodate the CavZero components.

The CavZero housing is screw-fixed into a rebate in the top of the door. To remove the door simply lift the end cap, undo the screws and pull out the slide. As easy as that!

CavZero Track-endcap

Paintable end cap

Hallmark Cavity Slider Classic Track

Quick-release system for simple removal and adjustment of door


This is our classic wheel carriage system; tried, tested and beautiful in its simplicity.

Screw fastened to the top of the door, the Classic is a robust slider wheel unit with a quick-release system, allowing the door to be easily removed from the track.

The hanging bracket is hidden from view behind trims or architraves. 


Hallmark’s high-grade extruded aluminium track system ensures your door will glide smooth and straight every time. We insist on the highest quality NZ-made extrusions for strength and longevity. 

Hallmark Cavity Slider t-guide

Hallmark’s patented T-Guide system provides sideways adjustment at the base in 2mm increments. When combined with adjustment to the wheel carriage at the head of the door, this gives provision for any natural movement or bow of the door or pocket, ensuring the door slides smoothly without sideways scuffing.

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